Marketing planning is based on the enterprise's marketing objectives, through the enterprise design and planning of enterprise products, services, creativity, prices, channels, promotions, so as to achieve individual and organizational exchange process behavior. To satisfy consumer needs and desires as the core.
Modern management divides marketing planning into four aspects: marketing planning market segmentation, product innovation, marketing strategy design and marketing mix 4P tactics (mix). First, the marketing concept must be determined, followed by the planning based on the marketing concept.
The core of marketing planning is to organically plan various elements to maximize brand equity. Brand identification system, brand strategy and brand structure are like the constitution. The marketing communication activities of enterprises are like the daily political, economic and social activities of organizations and individuals. Seeking medical treatment, dating and marriage are the Constitution and implementation of the constitution. Like the NPC, the responsibility of the Brand Strategy Management Department is to formulate the Brand Constitution first, and then to inspect whether the Brand Constitution is effectively embodied in every link of the brand marketing strategy, advertising and public relations promotion activities.
Institutional brand marketing consultants believe that the rapid development of the Internet era so that large and medium-sized enterprises no longer ignore the potential market for network interactive marketing, now is the golden age of network marketing. Marketing planning is also doomed to be inseparable from the network marketing.
In the era of Internet marketing, the marketing method is constantly innovating, and event marketing is one of the ways. Event marketing is also known as "event speculation".
There are many examples of overnight success through event marketing. It has an experienced planning team behind it. Event marketing is to create a unique selling point for your business or website or individual through the careful planning of the planning team, then employ a large number of Marines to help them reprint and spread it online, and finally through media publicity to achieve rapid popularity.